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The First MU Online Server who the BAVKA MU's Admin Starts was before 9 Years - in 2012. Their Have a 150+ ONLINE Players on the Same Time and 100+ New Accounts Per Day.

9 Years Latter, After Investing a 2 Years making Best MU Online 97d Gaming Server. the Admin of BAVKA MU, Launchs BAVKA MU Easy ( on 05.08.2021, A Little After that on 03.09.2021, We Launch our Secound MU Online Server - BAVKA MU Hard (

Because the BAVKA MU Admin's Invest a Lot of Time, Energy and Love to make a MU Online Server(s) in who can be HAPPY to Play There, Again a Little after that On 21.09.2021 The Admin's Start a TO Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers (Dust2 Only and CS_DeathMatch Only) on who will be happy to play Too. So it Called Him: CS.BAVKAMU.COM (

And on 23.09.2021 Because since then We Are a Small-Gaming-NetWork(/Empire ^_^) The Admin Make a Small Servers-Intro Page Called: BAVKA MU NetWork (

We Will no Make More Game Servers on Another Versions/Games for Now.(In Future - Only One God's Know :D ). Because My Aim is to Provide for You(The Players) Best Gaming Servers not Only a Gaming Servers, I mean - I make the MU Online Game Client (Who Uses BAVKA MU Easy and BAVKA MU Hard) More than a Year and for that i Release a Great MU Online 97d Servers, I Dont want to Make a Only Servers with the original files and client and bla bla... the BAVKA MU CS's Server are the only Servers with i Run with no big modifications - Because i want a Clean of Plugins Servers - The Classics Servers (I dont see servers like that now ! for that i run this Servers) - I mean All of CS 1.6 Servers are FULL OF Plugins and a things ... You know but all MU Servers are with a simple clean Client - Without any skins moddiications, what to say about opengel32 Effects on a 97d ... SO ENJOY A BEST FREE-TO-PLAY Servers and Please Vote for us Every Day and Invite Your Friends to Play There Together with you if you want ofcourse! Good Luck and Have Fun! :)
On 16.10.2021 We Run our 3rd and Last MU Server on Version 97d Again - BAVKA MU Medium - :) We Do It, because a 10% of the Players have corrupted System files like Visual C++ and net framework and can't run BAVKA MU Hard and Easy. Also we Make a New items, who are for sell in Shop (NPC) at lorencia bar, and can be dropped by BOX OF KUNDUNS! and aren't for sell in our WebShop!
TIP: Did you know - You Can Minimize the Game by Clicking F11 and F12!

BAVKA MU Hard is Online From: 03.09.2021

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Version: 0.97d
Experience: 123x
Item Drop: 50%